Scruffy Lookin' Nerf Herders

A friend indeed

The Kaleesh Warrior showed what kind of fighter a vicious jungle can produce. Nearly killing Abdi, Relis and Baltair stepped in to assist their new friend. Relis took a particularly nasty blow; the warrior’s spear sliced his blaster carbine in pieces! Abdi repaid his friend by stepping between him and a Skirmisher, killing the latter with a nasty Vibro Knife wound. In the end, a well timed and well placed shot from Baltair fatally wounded the Warrior.

The heroes got an even greater gift from the battle! Tal managed to stun, disarm, and pin a second skirmisher in the battle. With a prisoner from the attacking Kaleesh, maybe our heroes can discover what it is about Hammerhead that the Kaleesh want so badly

A friend in need

After sniping down all five rogue skirmishers from the observation tower, the heroes decide to split into two groups. The non combatants Dalo and Lush will help get care to the wounded, while Baltair, Tal, and Relis follow the sounds of blaster fire to the medical bay. They find Abdi, a TwiLek that got his weapon repaired by Relis on the Azure Blaze, hand to hand with a Kaleesh warrior. Two skirmishers are tugging at the medical bay doors, trying to get in! The heroes draw weapons and prepare to help Abdi!

Hammerhead Attack

The first day at Hammerhead was somewhat bland. Our heroes were split up to several parts of the base, but still managed to explore and interact with much of the base. Lush visited the medical facility and met the resident doctor, Dalo. Dalo was able to assist Lush’s deathstick addiction with some medicine, but that is only the start of a long road to recovery.

Relis visited the mechanic bay and found it to be stocked with military hardware as well as mining vehicles. He assisted a local tech to fix a ‘broken down’ vehicle that Relis determined was actually sabotaged by mining gear. He also got to sneak back to the ship and discovered several underhanded and secret deals being made by GilTek. While the outside world thinks GilTek is trying to leave Kalee, it seems they are actually trying to ramp up production, all thanks to a mineral scan made by a probe.

Baltair was assigned lookout duty, and got to meet a fellow Twi’lek merc named Tal. The two of them shared a little back story before noticing a group of kaleesh skirmishers massing at the border. The base commander sounded the alarm, and lined up to confront the intruders. This however, was his undoing, when the scout party leader speared him in the chest.

The next moments became tense as our heroes noticed a small group of skirmishers climbing over the south wall!

Rolling Jungles

The Viper breaks through the atmosphere of Kalee, and our adventurers get a first look at the beauty of the jungle-covered paradise world. Endless jungles, strong armed cliffs, rolling clouds and majestic beaches. The Kaleesh have kept Kalee pristine and worked their numerous temples and shrines into nature. Without those one could barely tell any civilized life existed here at all.

Our heroes have navigated to Camp Hammerhead and the center of GilTek’s small empire here. What is in store for our heroes?


The meeting of bounty hunters and medics aboard the Azure Blaze started off what seems to be GilTek’s stand-off against the local Kaleesh. Growing tired of the constant civil wars and conflict from religiously motivated war clans, GilTek has hired our heroes (and a lot of other scum) to help evacuate personnel and equipment from Kalee.

Our heroes managed to successfully slip into GilTek’s servers and add themselves to the roster so they could participate in the evacuation. In addition, they gave themselves a nice bit of equipment so they could be adequately prepared for life on Kalee, and with a little bit of quick thinking and some hard work, made a potential merc friend. Lastly, the computer slicer Relis risked detection and punishment when he dumped a highly protected partition from GilTek’s server onto his datapad. With the protections broken, our group can freely inspect GilTek for all of its underhanded doings and derive a motive and purpose. Who knows what secrets lie in their hands now?

But not all is wonderful for the group. Balishh is one nasty trandoshan, and Baltair chose him to pick a fight with so the group could help cover Relis’ tracks. The lasting ramifications of this brave but somewhat foolish action have yet to play out…

The Azure Blaze

Our heroes jump out of warp above the pristine planet of Kalee and are granted entry to the orbital platform the Azure Blaze. Part hospital, part cargo bay, part employee living space, the Azure Blaze is currently using its main deck as a mass briefing hall for contract security and medical staff. After some information hunting and shopping, our heroes will be allowed to go planetside to Kalee for the real adventure!

The Next Chapter

Our group finds themselves gathered at the local Cantina for another round of drinks, stories, and maybe a few games of Sabaac. But today, they are being presented with an opportunity to make some money, acquaintances, and perhaps a name for themselves too! The possibilities are just as limitless as the stars…

After receiving a ‘lost’ comlink, the heroes are given a chance to make a large bounty and to lose some heat. Their next adventure seems to be on the far flung planet of Kalee. Firing up the engines of their workhorse YT-1300, named the Black Viper, the group plots a course to GilTek Mining’s orbital platform, the Azure Blaze


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