Scruffy Lookin' Nerf Herders

A friend indeed

The Kaleesh Warrior showed what kind of fighter a vicious jungle can produce. Nearly killing Abdi, Relis and Baltair stepped in to assist their new friend. Relis took a particularly nasty blow; the warrior’s spear sliced his blaster carbine in pieces! Abdi repaid his friend by stepping between him and a Skirmisher, killing the latter with a nasty Vibro Knife wound. In the end, a well timed and well placed shot from Baltair fatally wounded the Warrior.

The heroes got an even greater gift from the battle! Tal managed to stun, disarm, and pin a second skirmisher in the battle. With a prisoner from the attacking Kaleesh, maybe our heroes can discover what it is about Hammerhead that the Kaleesh want so badly


Gracious_Overlord Gracious_Overlord

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