Baltair Ka'san

Former student at the Imperial Academy on Cardia, on the run with a bounty on his head.


Species: Human
Career: Smuggler
Spec Tree: Pilot
Obligation: Bounty (from Empire) – Deserter of Academy (15)

Current Status
Wounds 12/12
Strain 11/11
Defense 0
Soak 2 (4 with armor)
Obligation (-1 Strain)

Base Stats
Brawn 2
Presence 2
Intellect 2
Cunning 3
Agility 2
Willpower 2

General Skills Rank Dice Pool
Astrogation (Int) 0 2A
Athletics (Bra) 2 2P
Computers (Int) 0 2A
Cool (Pre) 1 1A+1P
Coordination (Agi) 0 2A
Discipline (Wil) 0 2A
Mechanics (Int) 0 2A
Medicine (Int) 0 2A
Perception (Cun) 1 2A+1P
Pilot (Planetary) (Agi) 2[T] 2P
Pilot (Space) (Agi) 2[T] 2P
Resilience (Bra) 0 1A
Skulduggery (Cun) 0 3A
Stealth (Agi) 0 2A
Streetwise (Cun) 1 2A+1P
Survival (Cun) 0 3A
Vigilance (Wil) 1 1A+1P
Social Skills Rank Dice Pool
Charm (Pre) 0 2A
Coerce (Wil) 0 2A
Deceit (Cun) 1 2A+1P
Leadership (Pre) 1 1A+1P
Negotiation (Pre) 0 2A
Combat Skills Rank Dice Pool
Brawl (Bra) 1 1A+1P
Gunnery (Agi) 1 1A+1P
Melee (Bra) 0 2A
Ranged (Heavy) (Agi) 0 2A
Ranged (Light) (Agi) 1 1A+1P
Knowledge Skill Rank Dice Pool
Core Worlds (Int) 0 2A
Education (Int) 0 2A
Lore (Int) 0 2A
Outer Rim (Int) 0 2A
Underworld (Int) 1 1A+1P
Xenology (Int) 0 2A

Full Throttle [Increase Top Speed of vehicles]
Skilled Jockey 1 [Removes setbacks on Piloting checks]

Weapons and Armour

  • Heavy Blaster Pistol
    Damage 7
    Crit 3
    Ranged light
    Range Medium
    Hardpoints 3
    Stun Setting
  • Combat Knife
    Damage 1
    Crit 3
    Range Short
    Hardpoints 0
  • Padded Armor
    Defence 0
    Soak 2
    Hardpoints 0

Other Equipment
Comlink (handheld)
Hand Scanner
Breath Mask
Emergency Medpac
Scanner Goggles
Adverse Environment Gear
2 X Glow Sticks

323 Credits


Baltair Ka’San

A former trainee at the Imperial Academy on Cardia, his home planet. Baltair was an excellent pilot, hell he was brilliant, cool and collected he had the makings of an ace, even baron Soontir Fel had show in interest in his abilities in some of the various cross academy training exercises and war games.

Baltair always had a problem with authority though and was never cut out for the strict rigid world of military doctrine. He would quite often get in fights with his superiors, and one such fight led to the loss of his eye and distinguishing scar.

Never the less, his ability kept him in the cockpit until one fateful day. A training mission flying through the near by mountains led a three man tie flight to a village that was harboring a small rebel squad planing to attack the academy. With the element of surprise Baltair, the instructor and another academy pilot had been ordered to destroy the village for this act of war against the empire, to be made an example of.

It was a small village, fairly modern like most of Cardia, Baltair could see no sign of rebels. The order was given to destroy the village, Baltair refused, not wanting to destroy the innocent village, the other pilot stepped up and Baltair shot him down.

The instructor immediately latched onto Baltair’s tail, unable to shake him, Baltair led the instructor through the mountains in an attempt to loose him. Baltair was able to loose him through through the many cannyons of the mountains and ditched his tie fighter, ashamed to return to the cockpit.

The instructor made his way back to base and informed his superiors of Baltairs betrayal and desertion and a bounty was subsequently placed on his head. With no where to turn and home not safe Baltair snuck aboard a transport with little money and the empire on his tail and made his way for the outer rim…

Baltair Ka'san

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