Relis Eshka'ia

A Bothan Arms Modifier, on the run from the Empire after a close betrayal


Race: Bothan
Career: Technician
Spec Tree: Outlaw Tech
Obligation: Betrayal – Close Friend (15)

Current Stats
Wounds 11/11
Strain 12/12
Defense 0
Soak 1 (3 with armor)
Obligation (-1 Strain)

Base Stats
Brawn 1
Presence 2
Intellect 4
Cunning 3
Agility 2
Willpower 2

General Skills Rank Dice Pool
Astrogation (Int) 1 4A+1P
Athletics (Bra) 0 1A
Computers (Int) 1 3A+1P
Cool (Pre) 0 2A
Coordination (Agi) 0 2A
Discipline (Wil) 0 2A
Mechanics (Int) 2[T] 2A+2P
Medicine (Int) 0 4A
Perception (Cun) 0 3A
Pilot (Planetary) (Agi) 1 1A+1P
Pilot (Space) (Agi) 0 2A
Resilience (Bra) 0 1A
Skulduggery (Cun) 0[T] 3A
Stealth (Agi) 0 2A
Streetwise (Cun) 1 2A+1P
Survival (Cun) 0 3A
Vigilance (Wil) 0 2A
Social Skills Rank Dice Pool
Charm (Pre) 0 2A
Coerce (Wil) 0 2A
Deceit (Cun) 0[T] 3A
Leadership (Pre) 0 2A
Negotiation (Pre) 0 2A
Combat Skills Rank Dice Pool
Brawl (Bra) 0 1A
Gunnery (Agi) 0 2A
Melee (Bra) 0 1A
Ranged (Heavy) (Agi) 0 2A
Ranged (Light) (Agi) 0 2A
Knowledge Skill Rank Dice Pool
Core Worlds (Int) 0 4A
Education (Int) 0 4A
Lore (Int) 0 4A
Outer Rim (Int) 0 4A
Underworld (Int) 1 3A+1P
Xenology (Int) 0 4A

Tinkerer [1 extra Hard Points to item of choice]
Solid Repairs [+1 Hull Integrity when repairing vehicles]
Utility Belt [Destiny Point to produce a new tool from pocket]
Convincing Demeanor [Removes Setbacks on Deceit/Skullduggery checks]

Armor and Weapons

  • Blaster Pistol (on the ship)
    Damage 6
    Crit 3
    Ranged (Light)
    Range: Medium
    Hardpoints 3
    Stun setting
  • Frag Grenade x3
    Damage 8
    Crit 4
    Ranged (Light)
    Range: Short
    Hardpoints 0
    Blast 6
  • Padded Armor
    Defense 0
    Soak 2
    Hard points 0
  • Heavy Clothing (on the ship)
    Defense 0
    Soak 1
    Hard points 1 (Tinkerer)

Other Equipment
Restraining bolt x 2
Stimpack x 2
Ration pack x 3
Glowrod x 2
Fusion Lantern
Scanner Goggles
Shattered blaster carbine pieces

547 credits remaining

Black Viper Maintenance Fund
100 credits remaining


Relis makes things better. He tweaks, he manipulates, he fixes, he builds, and he demands quite a fee to do so. Well, he used to. Relis built a good chunk of his reputation by maintaining strict disengagement from the personal causes that led clients to seek his services. His longtime business partner, Koskit Oktra’tvo, was the slightly more public face of their business, but Relis enjoyed the work itself beyond the money it brought in.

The evening after Koskit took a meeting with a new, secretive client, Relis’ security systems were breached by the Empire. When we went to grab his bugout bag, he realized that Koskit’s was already gone. He had been betrayed.

With no access to his accounts, there was nothing for Relis to do but to run off-planet and start again. He has enough contacts spread out in the galaxy to re-establish himself and find a path to revenge, but who can he trust along the way?

Relis Eshka'ia

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